Lead Ourselves To The Future

Can you believe it? It’s another year! Time goes so fast that we just realised that we are all year 6! Everyone’s excited becaus we are all leaders of the school, but at first, we need to know how to be a great leader so that we do’t lead everyone else to the wrong way and also that we don’t lead ourselves to the wrong way when we grow up into an adult. 

When the year started, my class and I had some chat about the qualities that we need to have so that we can remember what is the right thing to do to lead the lower primary kids. So I am just going to tell you the top 3 choice we made in our class. As an result, we have put ‘respect’ first. Because, if you want people to respect you, then you need to respect other people first, and technically that is what you suppose to do for all the time.

Then I think we have ‘teamwork’, I think it really important to hav teamwork happening between each other, first of all, think of this: if your teacher puts you in a team, and people just care about themselves, and they only do the things that they think is right, nobody listened to each other, and all you hear is ‘ oh my gosh, your is bad look at mine blah blah blah.’ What do you feel? Don’t you want to leave? And when you looked at other people, tried to help others, laughs and some times arguments, so this is called ‘teamwork’ rather than dong it yourself, sometimes it is also a good thing about having a lot of friends.

Lucky last, ‘ resilience’, it is very important, some people might not know what does it mean but let me tell you some examples. When you first came to your new school, and you are those people who is not that shy, and can’t let people sees you. But you saw a boy or a girl just standing there, like he/she hated the world! That means they need some help, you got 2 choices, 1. Go away and pretend didn’t realise them or 2. Go to them and ask them if they wanted to play with you. I know that most people will choose 2 but some people will just say it, but they didn’t mean it. 

The world will be better if all of us do the things I listed on the top but I am not the one who controls the world but the world is controlled by US. 

Adaptation of Grey Wolves

They are one of the greatest hunters and they are the master of the forest. A canine looking beast,  fierce and intelligent. They are the biggest in the dog family, and they are of course… (drumroll please…)     Grey Wolves. 


Grey wolves are the biggest member of the ‘dog family’. They are pack animals and always maintain a group stance. In the pack, there will be a ‘boss’, and the boss is called ‘alpha’, if anything happened, the alpha needs to go to the front, and if they need a new alpha the old alpha will fight who ever wants to be the next one to judge based on strength. And some times the alpha might be a female.


They normally live in the forest and sometimes places that have snow, they eat rabbits, cows and animals similar to that. Because I know you know that wolves eats meat. ( ̄∇ ̄) Wolves have very thick fur coat to keep them warm. They also have long bushy tails to tell others their feelings like dogs does, if you likes dogs, you should already know that. They have long strong legs for them to walk a long distance. And when they are hunting, they can run very fast. When they are on the ice, if the ice cracked they can swim with their paws, and their fur coat can keep them warm enough. They sense of smell of and nose ability is excellent, they can smell things very well, like if they are lost, they can search for the smell of other wolves, and they can find their next prey to eat. They have super sharp claws for them to catch their prey and for eating. When they are chasing, they might use their claws to help them to scratch the animal so they might run slower. When they eat there will to prevent some type of problems that might hurt their teeth, they use their claws to help cut the meat or hold it tight.


Some of you don’t know what ‘physiological adaptation’ means. It refers to in the inside of the animal and the need to survive. Which is the blood, their bones, how they are made and what do those things do…. there’s a lot of examples. First, they are warm blooded, which maintain a constant body temperature, typically above that of the surroundings. Their sense of smell is 100 times greater than humans. Wolves have eyes that are very sensitive to movement during night time, so they can be on alert of what is going on around them when ever they are resting, or working. Their eyes are also have a reflective retina, which improves their night vision. At last, they have a simple stomach for storing food quicker.


Wolves always do weird things, like howling. They howl each night for a variety of reasons, like family bonding, hunting and communicating. Sometimes, it might be 2 wolves howling and maybe 10! Of course they eat a lot, so that they can be strong enough.

    Sorry, not this one…


This is where I find all of the information. 👇🏻                   


My best book of wolves & wild dogs



Year 5 Production Reflection

Have you ever had a production before? I know I have, and it was my school production. It was AMAZING!!! It was the best performance ever! We have been practicing for a long time. 

It is about Australian history and federation, and there are sooo many characters! We first start off with the tea ladies, they are very… how could I explain it… very funny actually, they gave out sandwiches and empty cups of tea. At the start I thought that the sandwiches are very good but until I had one… I felt like I’m going to throw up, because it was Vegemite sandwich… I know other people liked it but not me… (´・_・`) I actually felt sorry… but anyway. The most funny part is when they say ‘ would you like a cup of tea, love?’ I start to laugh at the back stage. And the commentators came and the show now started.  There are some brides coming and they represent the 6 colonies to make Australia. There are Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. When everyone is there Western Australia was late, because in  history Western Australia doesn’t want to be apart of Australia, and the queen at that stage is queen Victoria, Victoria is named after her. When she was trying to say some thing the commentators interrupt, and everyone went away.

 Here is Captain Cook, I am one of his soldiers, but anyways, at the start when he came out it was one of the funniest thing! And for us soldiers, we basically just copied what the first solider was saying, like when captain was trying to think what should we call for New South Wales. And our first idea is: Upside down land, topsy-turvy land, naval land and the funniest one is BOTTOM LAND! (^з^) It was sooo funny that everyone’s laughing. And the tea ladies came, Again.

Now we change into another cine, this is when I ran up steps and go back to where I was. We were sing while we came down steps with other people, they are convicts and just pretend that they are smelly…. does that sounds familiar…  when we stoped singing, the Governor came out. And he is separating the colonies and they found Tasmania. They disgust about each colony need a governor. In that stage, there should be no telephones but the Governor has one and they called England to tell them do not send any more convicts so they said from the other side that they will not send any more but they will take back the soldiers.

This scene is about traveling across Australia. First there’s a person who wants to travel from Western Australia to Sydney to visit his friend. But during the flight they needs to check his suitcase and he is very annoyed, and he thinks that there’s free flight between colonies. And Victoria is arguing about the apple is too expensive. But somebody found gold at Victoria, so everyone came for gold. And I was very angry about this scene because it is about go against the Chinese so….. yep I’m a Chinese~(´▽`) Well let’s go back into the track… so there was a guy called Edman Barton found  gold at Victoria, and everyone noticed, and they started to dig for gold, and that place became famous and people named it: Ballarat, we went there last term for camp, I’ve already been there 3 years ago. People from all over the world came for gold and 14 million people came from China came to find gold and they started to fight of course Australians win.

After that we set up a cricket game. This is for people to decide if Australia is going to be a 6 separate colonies or a great country! The Queen came again she is going to start off the game, but first, we need to have a coin-toss, there was soo many people watching and I am one of the ‘cricket player’ and we start off the game but, when somebody went up and said ‘we could give the vote to the women!’ And my friend is a woman but she dress up  as a man so did I. I hate that fake beard! It goes into your mouth! We think that it is not fair that women are not apart of the Federation but the commentators said that the Queen is apart of the federation and she is a woman. That is when I came out and throw the beard off and saying something…. just in that moment I throw it into some body’s face….(・_・; I am sorry for her…. anyway…  When we finished off we end it with the song… Which is fun I hope we can do this again!

My favourite book of the year for book chat

Hello, I think everyone have read a book. Well I’m going to tell my favourite book of the year of book chat. Book chat is a thing we normally do during school. Every time we can chose a book and by the time is over we are going to talk about it with the people who got the same book as you do, it’s pretty fun . My favourite book is called: ‘The Magician’s Elephant’ it is very cool!The Magician’s Elephant is the thirteenth book written by American author Kate DiCamillo. It was released on September 8, 2009 and illustrated by Yoko Tanaka. It is about a boy named Peter Duchene who follows an elephant that fell through a roof to find his sister. When Peter arrives home from the market, he hears about how a magician made an elephant fall through the roof of the opera house onto Madam LaVaughn. This of course is strangely remarkable, but even more so to Peter. For a fortune teller had told him that an elephant would lead him to his sister. And well, this was quite absurd also, because there certainly aren’t any elephants in the city of Baltese (except the newly arrived elephant, of course), and his sister is dead. At least that is what his trusted guardian, Vilna Lutz, had told him. He lies, and she lies. It seems impossible, however, to get to the elephant, for the countess Quintet soon holds custody of the elephant (hating to miss out, you see, and well, she did- not being at the grand event-). And the great magician is in jail for perhaps the greatest magic he has ever performed. But that is quite alright because – although he only intended lilies – as he has tried, he cannot send the elephant home. And over at the Orphanage of the Sisters of Perpetual Light, little Adele dreams of the elephant. The elephant who will come for her. But with the help of police officer Leo Matienne, Peter is able to see the elephant. He knows what he must do now. He gets Leo, the countess Quintet’s elephant caretaker, Madam LaVaughn, and of course the elephant. They head toward the jail to see the magician. On the way, Adele sees them through the window of the Orpanage of the Sisters of Perpetual Light, and runs down. A happy reunion for Peter.        Everyone is quite happy and joyous, and they finally reach the jail. Madam LaVaughn forgives the magician, and everybody holds their breath. The magician performs perhaps the second greatest magic he has ever done, and snow falls over the city.

Family Celebrations

Every family celebrates different things and festivals from different countries, like my my family we celebrate sooo many different festivals, because we are Chinese!

I believe everyone knows Chinese New Year, it was amazing we have fireworks every where and we MUST have oranges, but sadly this year which is 2019 I didn’t go back to China because it is too late, and I missed my other family members(・_・;. And well I believe everyone knows what does new year means, just to celebrate the new year. And it is very important for us to know when the new year is coming in morning importantly is for the people who is working outside that it is very hard for them to go back to their families and spend some time with them.

In for the second one it is not that important but basically everyone was celebrating is in the house or outside is called 元宵节. 元宵节is a festival that you can eat those balls made of sticky rice so you basically you squash the rice in to a very sticky version, make sure you check if they’re all squashed or it will be very weird when you eat them. And there are many different kinds of sticky rice bowl then might be something in it or little tiny balls.

And third one is called 中秋节,  it is the day where you have a mooncake do you know what is mooncake? Well it is a type of cake that taste very good I don’t know how to explain what dose it looks like but I will get a picture. About this festival, there is a story behind it you can check it out!

And of course we do celebrate Christmas sometimes but not a lot because my parents they’re not really Christians and what do I mean is we do celebrate sometimes but not a lot, but we do have Christmas tree though, and I know some of my friends does cause they want to follow whatever they think you guys were doing so they can know more about what they should do if they’re going to be Australians. And that’s what my parents are thinking.


And of course the most fun festival ever is Halloween, I still remember this year I went trick or treat with my friends we got a lot of candies but I finished them on the second day(´・_・`).

And Children’s day, it is just for kids, in China we have a lot of homework it is more than what you have thought it is sooo hard, so people think we are very tough so we can get presents from our teacher and parents and it was pretty fun just for some kids, but other kinds of kids they don’t really celebrate that because… yes, homework, everywhere. I got a friend in China she never celebrate that in that you’re really sorry to her so every time when I get a free present I will take another one for her, and that’s why she is so much smarter than me and you know every time like people are saying look at her she’s so is mine look at you, you dumb! Bad memories still make me happy so haha…

I don’t think I needs to talk trough Father’s day and Mother’s day…

And lucky last 七夕, which means the lovers day, it celebrates for the couples whether they’re married or not and they just give each other presents they have made for them or brought. But for the singles are just trying ignore them like me.(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ 


And thank you for visiting my blog!

Amazing Camp

Last week me and my class went on a camp, it was amazing! We did some kayaking, bike riding, go on a camp out side in the woods, some koala spotting and a lot more stuff that I still can think of! First day when my mum drive me to the place that we have to meet at. (Don’t ask me what dose the place called because I forgot how to spell it.  ・᷄ὢ・᷅ ) I am actually the firs one there just because we were lost and I became 5th. My teacher Mr Benwell told us we will make a music video along the camp. 

My mum was telling me it’s gonna be okay, well I know it’s gonna be okay once everyone’s here, we get on to our bus and everyone seemed excited and little bit worried with out their parents and it’ a 3 hour drive, but we will have a break in the half way to get there. Me and my friend Sarah played some card game on the way and some body lost his tooth (I’m not going to tell who it is sorry´▽`) Also there are two year elevens coming with us their name is Charlie and Emily, they are very nice.When we have our break in the half way we saw an other school have a camp as well.

Once when we get there the stuff came out and introduced them although we already know them their name was Josh, Grace, Jesse and Trisha. Trisha was our chief and Grace and Jesse are coming with us and doing some activities together. We also find out with cabin we are, and showed us the place, I can’t believe there is a beach! First Mr Benwell (our teacher) split us into two groups one with Josh and one with Grace, I’m in Grace’s group so we went to kayak first. It was sooo fun! We need to find a partner to go on to the boat and my partner is called Mia. She’s at the front I was on the back, while we pushed our boat into the water Mia nearly left me behind(´-ω-`). Our cloth is all wet and I damaged my favourite jumperಥ_ಥ.We also had a race about who is going to get back first, although we went first, we became 3rd last(´▽`), but we still had a lot of fun.

When we get back our cabin we took a quick shower, changed our clothes and go out and meet our teachers and having another activity. We had bike riding next, there are sooo many mosquitoes which is annoying( very annoying╭°A°`╮)We had alot of mosquito bites all around our legs and body. When we finished we went back did some games called king ball it’s very fun but I was just watching other people play because I don’t know if I’m good at it or not. After that we had dinner it’s delicious (I forgot the food~_~; but I’m pretty sure that is amazing) We did some other games again as well( I forgot again ・᷄ὢ・᷅ ) After that we we went to bed and wait for the next day.

On the second day, we woke up dressed our self and having our breakfast together. It’s just serials with some milk and bread with some jam, honey and butter. I love honey so I put a lot on my breadʕ •ᴥ•ʔ. The activities we got to day is pack our things ready for a real camp out in the woods where there’s a lot of mosquitoes. But before that we are going to see the water police’s boat. They told us they’ve been living in it for 40 years or more! But their cabin was sooo amazing it was basically built with technology and some other things. We saw what was inside and the cameras, you can see the other group from the camera that is is so fun! Rather than standing we choose to climb on top of the boat ( well I started it and everyone’s trying to copyT^T) When we was done we needs to get every thing and go and have some explore around the “island” it was a long way till we get to the place where we are going to have a camp for the night. They haven’t tell us but it is just beside the place where we have normal camp.( ・᷄ὢ・᷅ ) That hurts my heart a bit. We can basically see the other class just across the trees. We played some games together.But thing do not go what we expected, when we are just in the middle of our game the rain started to poring down from the sky and it was dark everyone’s hiding under a pavilion where we get our food. After that we kept playing. And we are going to sleep.

Next day after we had breakfast, we packed our things again and going back to where we came from. This time we had a short cut I’m not going to tell you because I already gave you a clue. When we got there in under 10 minutes or 5 we still went back to our tent and packed our stuff again. We still did some games and we are going to fishing and koala spotting, we get to see the koalas first with our bikes. And we are going to the other island just on the other side you can really see it. We got our bikes, helmets and ready to go. We saw a baby koala on it’s mother’s back. It was one of the cutest things I’ve never seen in my life!After that when we got back we did some fishing it was boring just sit there doing nothing.

When we’ve done all of those things we are having our dinner and some free time till we going to sleep and going back home next day.

We have woke up early to see the sun set and packed up our things and going back home. We are going to drive 3 hours till school, in the middle some body throw up which is disgusting I don’t want to talk about that and finally we got home.

It was amazing, I learnt alot of things during the camp, hope to see them again if I have a chance next year!(。・ω・。)ノ

Book Reflection

This term we did a book reflection. It is about voting, so what happened is that we all got a sheet and it’s about 6 books: Make Believe, Our Birds, Waves, Sorry Day, Bouncing Back and The Happiness Box, and we needs to reflect what do we like about the book, what can we do to make them better and give a score out of 10 in every single question, in total there are 30 points and because all of these books are information books they are all very good. What is a good information book?

A good information book is a type of book that gives many information.

They can teach you some thing.

It needs to include visuals, and layout.

And they can be short.

The one I chose is the Make Believe, because they have visuals very well and the layout is great, and it is full of information.